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All About Me

How It All Started

Jayne was born in the UK and grew up in South Africa where she developed an interest in sports and was involved in competitive swimming at school.  She has a BSc Sports Science Degree and holds two comprehensive Pilates certifications, the first from Polestar in 2004 and the second a classical certification in 2013 from The Pilates Standard at PI Studios, originally Power Pilates with Bob Liekens.  This started her journey of love and fascination for the classical Pilates method.

She has gone on to study with many world class instructors like Bob Liekens, Mejo Wiggin and Sandy Shimoda.

In 2017 Jayne was invited to join the highly selective master's program The Work™ led by first generation teacher Jay Grimes who was a student of Joseph Pilates himself.

Jayne is passionate about teaching the authentic style of classical Pilates as she believes this will give her clients the best results.

The Training

Simply Pilates London offers classical Pilates training both online and in the studio. Ongoing education and sessions for teachers looking to deepen their understanding of the classical method.  Private sessions and online classes to everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.  Lessons are tailored to the individual and include the mat and Pilates equipment as appropriate. In-person and duet sessions are available on request.

Classical Pilates

The classical system teaches the original exercises as invented by Joseph Pilates.  The classical exercises follow a specific order both on the mat and on the reformer.  These form the ‘workout’ part of the system designed to get the body moving and sweating!  The other pieces of equipment are used to work on specific needs which might by required by the client.  In Joseph Pilates studio, the goal was for people to become independent in their workouts.  This is how Jay Grimes taught me during my time in The Work™ and this is how I like to teach my clients, to learn the exercises and the order so they can workout independently with guidance from me.

I am pleased to add that Simply Pilates London is an AUTHORISED DEMO CENTRE for Balanced Body Contrology Suite and I will be adding further from this range as it becomes available.  Please email to schedule a demo date.

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