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Try our Special Offer for New Clients
Classical Reformer Equipment Pilates Battersea Studio
  1. Whether you have never done Pilates before or a seasoned practitioner this introductory package is a perfect way to get started.

  2. During these 5 private sessions we will discuss your fitness goals and tailor make sessions to work towards achieving these goals while keeping  you safe and confident on the equipment.

  3. After completion we will discuss the best way to continue your practice with private session options and small group equipment classes.

Classical Reformer Equipment Pilates Battersea Studio


£299 x 5 SESSIONS

Expires 60 days from purchase date


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercises created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.

He originally called his method ‘contrology’ as it is a practice of controlled movement that leads to total body strength and flexibility.It restores balance to the body and helps to live and move optimally through life. It is a great workout and can be used for rehabilitation.

What is the first session going to look like?

You will fill out a health questionnaire so we can discuss any injuries and fitness goals.

We will get you moving on the equipment and experiencing all different exercises related to your fitness goals.


What to wear?

Gym attire, leggings, nothing too loose and baggy, no shoes required, Pilates socks with gripping or bare feet.


Why do you require 5 sessions?


5 private sessions will give you a good introduction and foundation to the Pilates method, the equipment and the way we teach in our studio.  Our goal is to keep you safe and get you confident on the equipment while you get used to exercises.


It takes practice and consistency to get results from Pilates so we recommend coming twice per week if possible.

We are located in Battersea, London

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