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"You will feel better in ten sessions,
look better in twenty sessions, and have
a completely new body in thirty sessions"


Classical Reformer Equipment Pilates Battersea Studio Jayne O'Brien

About The Training

At Simply Pilates London we offer:


  • Classical Pilates training in Battersea the way that Joseph Pilates intended for maximum results.

  • Private sessions and small group equipment sessions. Sessions are tailored to the individual and include all the Pilates equipment plus the mat as appropriate.

  • All sessions are available to book in studio or online.

  • Duet sessions are available on request.


The Magic Is In The Method

The classical system teaches the original exercises as invented by Joseph Pilates. The classical exercises follow a specific order both on the mat and on the reformer.  These form the ‘workout’ part of the system designed to get the body moving and sweating!  The other pieces of equipment are used to work on specific needs which might be required by the client.  In Joseph Pilates studio, the goal was for people to become independent in their workouts.  This is how Jay Grimes taught me during my time in The Work™ and this is how I like to teach my clients, to learn the exercises and the order so they can workout independently with guidance from me.

See Classical Pilates in Action

Watch founder Jayne O'Brien and other master teachers come together for a special 'Connecting with the System' workout.

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