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Since lockdown in March 2020 we have all become a lot more comfortable being online, and doing online Pilates classes has become very convenient.

All you need to join an online Pilates mat class is wifi and space big enough to put a mat down. It makes regularly attending a class so much easier, no travel required, just join from the comfort of your home.

I have been teaching mostly mat work during lockdown and have seen amazing improvements in my clients ability whether it has been in a group or private sessions. Although I agree there is advantages to actually being there in person and interacting with others as well as getting hands on cues from the teacher, I have noticed that online clients show more independence in their practice as they are responsible for their workout in their own space.

Joseph Pilates (the inventor of this method) first invented the mat exercises, but then invented the spring resisted equipment to help his students find their internal spring.

I teach the classical style of Pilates, as Joseph Pilates intended, the difference between the classical style compared to some other styles you may have come across are as follows:

Classical Pilates exercises follow a specific order, as you get stronger and build more stamina you can add more exercises, in other styles of Pilates the instructor may pick and choose exercises based on their preference on the day.

There is a flow to the classical order that is lacking in some other Pilates workouts, the exercises linked together like one long exercise so you really feel you are getting a workout and building up a sweat.

The transitions between the different exercises is part of the workout, as you get more familiar with the exercises you learn to transition from one exercise to the other which increases the intensity.

Following a specific order gets better results as you keep practicing the same exercises until you master them, in turn this helps develop stronger muscles to progress to the more advanced exercises.

I have heard some teachers say they like to change the exercises so the students don’t get bored. Believe me, I never get bored and I have never had anyone tell me they are bored, there is so much to discover in your body every time your practice.


These are some of the benefits I have noticed in my online students.

` Improved strength and flexibility

` Improved posture

` Less aches and pains

` Improved abdominal strength

` Better spinal mobility

` Improved confidence

I am teaching two online mat classes, these classes are for all levels.

If you are a complete beginner I would recommend doing a few private sessions to get familiar with the exercises. But if you want to jump right in then come along and see what you can do. The great thing about doing it online is that you can sit out or watch exercises you are not familiar with.

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